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“Muffin Top” Waists with “Saddle Bag” Hips and Thighs.

Our “muffin top” waists or love handles” describe that bulge which appears at our back above the hips and which bulks out our waistline.  This bulge is not fat, it is caused by damage to a small muscle in our back, the “quadratus lumborum” at L4.  And whether this is comforting news or not; given time “everyone in the world both men and women will suffer this.

Women have “saddlebag hips” and “bulky thighs” not because they are fat but because muscles in their hips are “seized”.

From being children, little boys are more likely to be climbing trees and doing press ups or pull ups; while little girls spend a great deal of their time, perfecting the leg throwing activities of handstands, cartwheels and of course, the splits.

“Muffin Top” Waists with “Saddle Bag” Hips and Thighs.

Damaged Muscles Causing Body Bulges

Damaged Muscles Causing Body Bulges

Women’s “saddlebag hips” and “bulky thighs” are in part due to these “leg throwing” activities when we are young but also when we are older, sex contributes as an activity which causes the muscles of our hips and inner thighs to suffer damage and strain.

When a muscle is under strain then for “self-protection” it contracts, shortens and pulls upon its bones. This “pulling” causes the muscle to “tear or fray” all along the muscle to bone “join line” and as a result but also by design, tiny internal scabs, medically termed “oedemas” are created. These “oedemas” act like a “glue”, to hold the “fraying muscle tissue” onto its bones; but equally, these “oedemas” (our body’s “mechanism self-repair”) create “blockages” that hinder the flow of our blood.

Everyday our body creates millions of body cells to replace those that die. Dead cells and cell waste i.e. our “body cell debris” is normally carried away by our body in the passing blood. However, as our body becomes strewn with thousands of tiny oedemas, then in time, over years our “body cell debris” begins to “snag on” and “build up” around these “blockages”; further damming and slowing our blood supply and therefore “our bulges grow”.

Saddle Bag Hips

The bulge that sits just below the hip bone is created from the straining of a muscle called the “gluteus medius”. This is usually a large bulge and it spreads around to our front, “bulking out” our hips creating the middle bulge of the “saddle bag” look.

The “gluteus medius” like a fan, splays around the arc of our hip bone, the “ilium” pulling and connecting it to the top of our thigh bone, the “femur”. This muscle “frays all around the rim of the hip” and also at the top of the “femur”. “Repairs” are made, “body cell debris” accumulates and we get those “two bulging bands” covered in “cellulite” which create our “heavy hips and thighs”.

Cellulite” occurs above and only above our “seized muscles”; this is why, our cellulite only appears in certain locations. This is also why, even though we may exercise for many hours over many months, still we have skin that droops and refuses to move.

Women have “saddlebag hips” and “bulky thighs” not because they are fat but because muscles in their hips are “seized”.

So, What’s the Answer?

The first thing you need to know is; “Exercise is BAD for You”

and that includes, “stretching” of any kind, long walks and swimming.

See “Seized Muscles – What Can You Do?

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