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Exercise is BAD for You

Seized Muscles – What Can You Do?

Seized Muscles

Exercise is BAD for You

If you are reading this then probably, you have some “seized muscles” which are;

  • pulling on your bones,
  • causing your body to distort,
  • restricting your movements,
  • causing you pain; and/or tingles, numbness, itching and cramp;
  • while creating your varicose veins,
  • and cellulite

therefore, …you want an answer.

1.   The first thing you need to know is that Exercise is BAD for You and that includes; stretching of any kind, long walks, running and swimming.

2.  Next, there is only one solution, only one way to relax seized muscles and that is to have some massages on the seized up area.

3.  Visit a professional practioner in Swedish Therapeutic Massage (5 hours over 3 weeks) or page down for some self-massage tips.


In a nutshell, life is about blood. New blood means new growth.

There is only one way to repair our seized muscles and that is with fresh blood.  It is necessary to return the flow of fresh blood through the damaged muscles.

New blood means new growth.

  • With fresh blood “cell renewal” takes place and new muscle fibres grow enabling our muscles to relax, lengthen and re-align themselves.
  • Relaxed and aligned muscles, release their “compressing grip” upon our nerves thus stopping the pain, upon our bones improving and straightening our posture and upon our arteries and veins thus improving and maintaining a new, healthy blood flow.


Why is Exercise is BAD for You?

Stretching, pulling, pushing and pumping on a “seized muscle” does not release the muscle, it just “rips” more muscles fibres.  This is the truth of exercise and the reason why, you have pain the following day.

The notion that “exercise is good for us” is false, exercise is a short term delusion.

  • Pulling on an “over-stretched” or “injured muscle” does not and will not repair it but rather, causes it to “seize” solid and become static, creating stress and “misalignment” to all its surrounding muscles.
  • Pulling on a “misaligned muscle” does not and will not, bring it back into alignment.
  • Pulling on a “seized muscle” does not and will not, loosen it.

To continue the enforced movement of an injured body part, does not create healing but rather, stops it. Continuing to move or “exercise an injury” while ignoring the pain, or using pain killing drugs to hide the presence of pain, is going against our body’s own natural mechanisms.

Our body gives us pain, so that we do not move.

The objective is to avoid more pain, we will keep still.

The more you exercise, the more you pull, push or pump on over-stretched, injured, seized and misaligned muscles then the more seized muscles you create.


What You Can Do

First, you MUST stop all exercising now.

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NO liability is accepted for any losses, damage, injury or other consequences as a result of the use of any information offered herein, below.


Be realistic, you cannot redress the damage accumulated

over years, in just a few days, it will take a few weeks.

Each time you make a movement, hundreds of your muscles are all called into action at once.  They are activated in a set sequence, all contracting, expanding, pulling and depending upon each other to achieve the movement’s flow.

You don’t have just one seized muscle, you have many.

1. Visit a Professional

Go for some massages on the seized up areas and in particular, on all the surrounding muscles. This will circulate blood through your body without straining your muscles.

Type of Massage

Not a deep, “digging in”, sports type massage nor a relaxing “skin rub” but find someone; experienced with a firm touch offering an “invigorating” massage based upon the principles of our muscle structure,  (Swedish Therapeutic).

Number of Treatments

5 one hour sessions over 3 weeks (4/5 days apart).  Then for 3 weeks, do nothing, just take things very easy and heal.

You may need to repeat the process again for another 6 weeks.

2. Self Treatment

Try treating yourself.

10 minutes per day, 3 times per week and in 3 weeks you will be amazed at the difference and how good you will feel.

  • The secret and your objective is to loosen the seized area enough for “fresh blood to re-gain access” then your body will do the rest.
  • (Imagine a frozen chicken, at first it is solid and static but as it thaws, it becomes soft and movable.)  
  • Little and often, it is a process.
  • You will need to treat all of the muscles surrounding your problem area.
  • Hip Problem; treat from your waist at the back, cover all the buttock and down your thigh to your knee.
  • Lower Back; treat from your ribs at the back, all across the middle back, over the hips to and including the buttocks.
  • Upper Arms; treat from below the elbow up along the underarm. Use your hand to hold around the arm as you continue into the arm pit and as far you can reach, to the shoulder blade behind. Also massage at the front, the whole of your chest area from the centre bone, across the upper breast, to the collar bone and out to the shoulder. Continue along to the arm and massage the front muscles down to the elbow.
  • It is a PROCESS. You cannot rush the process.
  • Your objective is stimulation.
  • Your body needs the time of a few days, between each session, to marinade in the new blood. New blood means new growth.
  • Massage the area and 3 days later your muscles will be softer.
  • After each session the area becomes softer and softer.


(i) You will need lots of oil or lots of soap if you are in the bath/shower but do not use a cream or moisturizer. This is important, to avoid skin to skin friction (cooking oil is fine, you can wash it off afterwards).

(ii) Start using the whole of your hand just gliding over the whole area.

(iii) Do not dig in. Do not hurt yourself.

(iv) Establish a rhythm to your movements, (you may wish to massage in time to music).

(v) Massage for 1 to 2 minutes and then stop and wait for 1 to 2 minutes or while waiting, treat another part of your body.

(vi) Start again for 1 to 2 minutes, this time massage using the whole of your hand in small circles about the size of a saucer. Then stop and repeat. .

(vii) After 10 minutes on each area, you are finished.

(viii) However this must be repeated regularly, every 3/4 days for 3 weeks.

(ix) Then stop for 3 weeks and if you need more, then continue.

(x) The more parts of your body that you massage, the better you will feel.


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The ideas and theory expressed on this blog are the original concept of the author, Linda Dodds.

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